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Ingen framtid för alltid

No Way Records

7", 2011
Golden Times 2007-2009

Too Circle Records

CD, 2009
Åh nej

Adult Crash Records

7", 2009
Fy fan

Feral Ward Records

7", 2007


Past Shows

2021-08-21 København, Denmark @ Ungdomshuset
with the rest of the K-town festival

2013-06-22 København, Denmark @ Ungdomshuset
with the rest of the K-town festival

2013-04-19 Hamburg, Germany @ Hafenklang
with the rest of the Malmö Hardcore Invasion festival

2010-10-23 København, Denmark @ Dödsmaskinen
with Deskonocidos (US), Hjertestop (DK) and Self Abuse (S)

2010-10-22 Malmö, Sweden @ Utkanten
with Deskonocidos (US), Hjertestop (DK) and Symptom (S)

2010-08-06 Malmö, Sweden @ Revolt
with Encroached (JAP), Love Potion (DK) and Lesra (S)

2010-07-31 Hradec Králové, Czech Republic @ Play Fast or Don’t Fest 7
with the rest of the festival

2010-05-01 København, Denmark @ Overdrevet
with Lycka till (S) and more

2010-04-30 Linköping, Sweden @ L’Orient
with Glöm dä! (S), Sju svåra år (S), Konspirationen (S), Blood (S) and Moonshine (S)

2010-01-29 Malmö, Sweden @ Utkanten
with all the other local heroes at the MAHC festival

2009-10-17 Venlo, The Netherlands @ R’R Fest 2
with Nitad (S) and the rest of the festival

2009-10-16 Amsterdam, The Netherlands @ OCCII
with Nitad (S), Geriatric Unit (UK) and The Shining (NL)

2009-10-15 Malmö, Sweden @ Utkanten
with Nitad (S) and Night Fever (DK)

2009-10-04 Melbourne, Australia @ Irene’s Warehouse
with Teargas (AUS), Cult Minds (AUS) and Sista kriget (AUS/S)

2009-10-03 Melbourne, Australia @ Arthouse
with Teargas (AUS), Pisschrist (AUS), Diamond Sea (AUS) and RORT (AUS)

2009-10-02 Sydney, Australia @ Town and Country
with Teargas (AUS), Deathcage (AUS) and more

2009-09-30 Brisbane, Australia @ Step Inn Front Bar
with Teargas (AUS) and Insurgents (AUS)

2009-09-27 Saitama, Japan @ Kyara
with Pest (JAP), Encroached (JAP), Fuzz Call (JAP), Nu-Coordinator (JAP) and more

2009-09-26 Hachioji/Tokyo, Japan @ Rinky Dink Studio
with Crucial Section (JAP), Kriegshög (JAP), Encroached (JAP), Groaning Groove (JAP), Impara (JAP), Trikorona (JAP), No-Yard (JAP), The Scribbler (JAP) and Avfall (JAP)

2009-09-25 Yokosuka, Japan @ Pumpkin
with De-Cultures (JAP), El Camino 53 (JAP), Omega Supreme (JAP), Hidari-Mawari (JAP) and more

2009-09-24 Mie, Japan @ King Kobra
with Contrast Attitude (JAP), End of Seeds (JAP), Acrostix (JAP), Total Noise Accord (JAP), The Last Pint (JAP) and Akutare (JAP)

2009-09-23 Okayama, Japan @ K2
with Skizophrenia (JAP), Disturd (JAP), Massgrave (JAP), The Sick (JAP), People (JAP) and more

2009-09-22 Osaka, Japan @ Socio
with System Fucker (JAP), Zyanose (JAP), Last Sentence (JAP), Ferocious X (JAP), Framtid (JAP) and Persevere (JAP)

2009-09-21 Nagoya, Japan @ Huck Finn
with Darge (JAP), Amorphous Express (JAP), Easies (JAP), K@ss (JAP), Encroached (JAP) and NK6 (JAP)

2009-09-20 Shin-Okubo/Tokyo, Japan @ Earth Dom
with Imperial Leather (S), Hazard (JAP), Extinct Government (JAP), Life (JAP) and Intruders (JAP)

2009-09-19 Sendai, Japan @ Birdland Studio
with Encroached (JAP), Marubullmen (JAP), Desperdicio (JAP), Anger (JAP), Color Blind (JAP) and Total Fury (JAP)

2009-09-18 Shin-Okubo/Tokyo, Japan @ Earth Dom
with Imperial Leather (S), D.S.B. (JAP), Cosmic Neurose (JAP) and Encroached (JAP)

2009-09-13 Daegu, South Korea @ Club Heavy
with Gəsædəri (ROK), Nuclear Rockets (ROK), Sahyeong Jiphaengdan (ROK) and Sinklair (ROK)

2009-09-12 Seoul, South Korea @ Salon Badabie
with Gəsædəri (ROK), Find the Spot (ROK), Join the Circle (ROK) and Nuclear Rockets (ROK)

2009-09-11 Seoul, South Korea @ Suyu Jiok
with Gəsædəri (ROK) and Find the Spot (ROK)

2009-08-27 København, Denmark @ Loppen
with Night Fever (DK)

2009-08-19 Malmö, Sweden @ Malmöfestivalen/Debaser
with Pretty Whores (S) and the rest of the festival

2009-08-15 Göteborg, Sweden @ Underjorden
with Nuclear Death Terror (DK)

2009-08-14 Stockholm, Sweden @ Klubb Gås
with jack shit

2009-08-13 Stockholm, Sweden @ UNG08
with Masshysteri (S), Sista Sekunden (S) and more

2009-08-07 Aalborg, Denmark @ 1000Fryd
with Deadweight (S) and Gang Control (S)

2009-07-19 København, Denmark @ Lades Kælder
with Über (E) and Big Hands (S)

2008-11-30 Göteborg, Sweden @ Underjorden
with Fucked Up (CA) and Dörrterror (S)

2008-11-22 Bristol, United Kingdom @ The Junction
with Freedoom (PT)

2008-11-21 London, United Kingdom @ The Grosvenor
with Freedoom (PT)

2008-11-01 Hamburg, Germany @ Onkel Otto
with Love Potion (DK), Sotatila (SF) and Kommando Ali Höhler (D)

2008-10-25 Aalborg, Denmark @ 1000Fryd
with Hårda tider (S)

2008-09-02 København, Denmark @ Dödsmaskinen
with De høje hæle (DK), Ripping Headache (DK) and Hjertestop (DK)

2008-08-14 København, Denmark @ Shittown
with the rest of the festival

2008-08-13 Malmö, Sweden @ Utkanten
with Skitkids (S), Hårda Tider (S), Raakakopio (S), Project Hopeless (S) and Acoustichrist (S)

2008-07-26 Lempäälä, Finland @ Puntala-rock
with the rest of the Puntala-rock festival

2008-07-19 Malmö, Sweden @ Utkanten
with Pisschrist (AUS) and Skitkids (S)

2008-07-17 København, Denmark @ Lades Kælder
with Blank Stare (USA) and Højspänding (DK)

2008-06-15 Osnabrück, Germany @ Bastard Club
with Burial (D) and Nitad (S) [matinee show]

2008-06-14 Stuttgart, Germany @ Be-Part Festival
with lots of other excellent bands

2008-06-13 Berlin, Germany @ Köpi/Koma F
with Verdunkeln (D)

2008-05-23 Malmö, Sweden @ Bodoni
with Imperial Leather (S)

2008-05-18 Austin, TX, USA @ The Parlor
with The Young (US), Socialcirckle (US), Crude (JAP) and Los Crudos (US)

2008-05-15 Austin, TX, USA @ Emo’s
with the rest of the Chaos in Tejas festival

2008-05-14 Monterrey, Mexico @ Clandestino
with Deskonocidos (US), Los Odiados (MX) and Golpes y Gritos (MX)

2008-05-13 San Luis Potosi, Mexico @ Nazario’s
with Deskonocidos (US) and All Day Hatred (MX)

2008-05-11 Guadalajara, Mexico @ Calipso
with Deskonocidos (US), Los Monjo (MX), Putas Mierdas (MX) and Conflicto Social (MX)

2008-05-10 Irapuato, Mexico @ Someone’s backyard
with Deskonocidos (US) and Sin Ritmo (MX)

2008-05-09 Saltillo, Mexico @ Bar La Chimenea
with Deskonocidos (US), Alone in the Crowd (MX) and Zury (MX)

2008-05-08 Austin, TX, USA @ The Trailor Space
with Deskonocidos (US), Scared Shock (US) and Laughing Dogs (US)

2008-05-03 Linköping, Sweden @ Skylten
with the rest of the LKPG HC festival

2008-03-21 Portland, OR, USA @ Keith’s House
with Red Dons (US) and Mala Sangre (US)

2008-03-19 Portland, OR, USA @ KBOO Radio
we want the airwaves

2008-03-18 Portland, OR, USA @ The Know
with Warcry (US) and Criminal Damage (US)

2008-03-16 Vancouver, BC, Canada @ La Casa
with Autistic Youth (US), Margaret Thrasher (CA) and Ghost Dance (CA)

2008-03-15 Seattle, WA, USA @ Capitol Hill Arts Center
with Tragedy (US) and Deathraid (US)

2008-03-14 Portland, OR, USA @ SE 129th & Stark
with Tragedy (US) and Autistic Youth (US)

2008-03-13 Corvallis, OR, USA @ Fox & Firkin
with Tragedy (US)

2008-03-12 San Francisco, CA, USA @ Thrillhouse
with Violent Minds (US), Acts of Sedition (US), Socialcide (US) and Needles (US)

2008-03-11 Santa Barbara, CA, USA @ Some music store
with Char-Man (US) and more

2008-03-10 Los Angeles, CA, USA @ Zen Sushi
with Mala Sangre (US)

2008-03-09 Los Angeles, CA, USA @ Rabid Records
with Annihilation Time (US), Broken Needle (US) and Bad Reaction (US)

2008-03-08 San Francisco, CA, USA @ Some vert ramp
with Nightstick Justice (US), Socialcide (US), Born/Dead (US) and Annihilation Time (US)

2008-03-07 Berkeley, CA, USA @ 924 Gilman Street
with Nightstick Justice (US), Annihilation Time (US), Socialcide (US), Warkrime (US) and Crucial Cause (US)

2008-03-06 Sacramento, CA, USA @ Silk
with Nightstick Justice (US), Socialcide (US), Vomit (US), Stiff Jeans (US) and more

2008-02-23 Odense, Denmark @ Internationalt Hus
with Wicked Skulls (DK) and Rotten Leprechauns (DK)

2008-02-22 København, Denmark @ Folkets Hus
with D.S.B. (JAP), Hjertestop (DK), Sista Sekunden (S) and Virgin Suicide (DK)

2008-01-26 Lund, Sweden @ Mejeriet
with Moderat Likvidation (S), Mob 47 (S) and Nuclear Death Terror (DK)

2008-01-05 Aalborg, Denmark @ 1000Fryd
with All or Nothing H.C. (US)

2008-01-04 Flensburg, Germany @ Hafermarkt
with All or Nothing H.C. (US) and Wardance (D)

2007-12-08 København, Denmark @ Støberiet
with Under al kritik (DK), Dansk fløde (DK), Selvhenter (DK), Vomitus (DK) and De høje hæle (DK)

2007-11-11 Malmö, Sweden @ Revolt
with Skarpretter (DK) and Black Panda (E)

2007-11-10 Stockholm, Sweden @ Fullersta
with Tinner (Åland) and Black Panda (E)

2007-11-09 Helsinki, Finland @ Factory
with Kursk (SF), Kylmä Sota (SF) and more

2007-11-08 Turku, Finland @ TVO
with Dissect (SF) and more

2007-11-07 Tampere, Finland @ Vasta Virta
with The Fuckmes (SF) and Nigger Russians (SF)

2007-11-05 Linköping, Sweden @ Skylten
with Gunnar gillar inte thaifisk (S) and Reinfeldts barn (S)

2007-11-04 Umeå, Sweden @ Verket
with Regulations (S) and Amöba (S)

2007-11-03 Umeå, Sweden @ Farmen
with Instängd (S), Kommunen (S) and Crystal Caravan (S)

2007-11-02 Sandviken, Sweden @ Kungen
with Aktieklubben (S) and From the Ashes (S)

2007-11-01 Stockholm, Sweden @ Kafe 44
with Abductee S.D. (S), Meanwhile (S) and The Restarts (UK)

2007-10-31 Göteborg, Sweden @ Smackdownhuset
with Dead Vows (S) and Dödsdömd (S)

2007-06-24 Malmö, Sweden @ Bodoni
with Framtid (JAP), Project Hopeless (S) and Dislickers (S)

2007-05-30 København, Denmark @ Stengade 30
with Ripping Headache (DK) and more

2007-05-12 København, Denmark @ Loppen
with Subhumans (UK) and Death Token (DK)

2007-05-03 Malmö, Sweden @ Bodoni
with Warcry (USA), Sista Sekunden (S), Tysta Mari (S)

2007-04-07 Linköping, Sweden @ Skylten
Linköping Hardcore Punk Fest 2007

2007-01-13 København, Denmark @ Ungdomshuset
with Skitkids (S) and Hjertestop (DK)

2006-12-02 Fredericia, Denmark @ Ungdommens Hus
with The Assassinators (DK) and Ukrudt (DK)

2006-12-01 Aalborg, Denmark @ 1000Fryd
with The Assassinators (DK) and Ukrudt (DK)

2006-11-05 Västervik, Sweden @ Congero
with Sista Sekunden (S)

2006-11-04 Stockholm, Sweden @ Garaget
with Sista Sekunden (S)

2006-11-03 Umeå, Sweden @ Hamnmagasinet
with Sista Sekunden (S) and the rest of Punkfest 9

2006-11-02 Gävle, Sweden @ Intakto
with Sista Sekunden (S)

2006-11-01 Västerås, Sweden @ Mariaberget
with Sista Sekunden (S)

2006-10-31 Linköping, Sweden @ Skylten
with Sista Sekunden (S)

2006-10-29 Göteborg, Sweden @ Underjorden
with Sista Sekunden (S)

2006-10-28 Blomstermåla, Sweden @ Russindiskot
with Sista Sekunden (S)

2006-10-27 Jönköping, Sweden @ Kulturhuset
with Sista Sekunden (S)

2006-10-26 Malmö, Sweden @ Aktivitetshuset
with Sista Sekunden (S)

2006-10-04 København, Denmark @ Ungdomshuset
with Witchhunt (US) and Insurgent Kid (S)

2006-09-18 Malmö, Sweden @ Aktivitetshuset
with Sanctum (US), Mareridt (S,DK) and Riot Cop (US)

2006-06-25 København, Denmark @ Ungdomshuset
with the rest of the K-Town festival

2006-06-03 Halmstad, Sweden @ Rockstugan
with Visions of War (BE), Nuclear Death Terror (DK) and Sprängd (S)

2006-06-01 Malmö, Sweden @ Aktivitetshuset
with Bones Brigade (US) and Conshitas (S)

2006-04-28 Kalmar, Sweden @ Monokrom
with Nitad (S)

2006-04-23 Malmö, Sweden @ Aktivitetshuset
with Dislickers (S)

2006-04-01 Stockholm, Sweden @ Fullersta
with Flyktplan (S) and Arcatera (S)

2006-03-28 Malmö, Sweden @ Revolt
with Svartenbrandt (S)